Saturday, November 7, 2009

fashion week!!!!!!!!!

though just attended one night -- the last one on saturday -- not bad at all -- quite well organized, ample seating (if you got there in time that is), the airconditioning was v good and it kind of began on time -- around 35 mins late which is almost punctual in pakistan --

deepak perwani and faiza samee were the big names as was adnan perdaisee -- but quite a few promising people as well -- not too many big names or celebrities in the audience unless you count people like sharmila farooqui, mohsin sayeed (who was messaging half the time -- so much for the restriction on the use of mobile phones) and hina byatt as celebrities -- also saw kashif abbasi of ARY but wonder what the hell was he doing there because he was constantly with all the photographers -- right at the end of the long ramp -- let's hope he does NOT do a talk show on fashion -- some of the clothes were not bad though most were not wearable in a purely practical sense -- but then probably that is bound to happen at a fashion show -- there were some new, or rather old face, as far as the models were concerned -- it started with frieha altaf, who probably hasnt walked a ramp in at least fifteen years (or longer) -- and there was ayesha tammy (also the ceo of fashion pakistan -- conflict of interest duh!) who walked down the ramp as did deepak perwani (not in his own segment at least) -- maheen khan was really enjoying the show, standing at the far end of the ramp as was saquib malik sitting close by -- some sections of the crowd were quite into it 'wooooo-ing' and kind of screaming every now and then -- most of the models though, perhaps with the exception of nadia hussain were quite forgettable and, as a friend later pointed out (quite astutely), many looked like heejras --- some of the male models were dressed as if they had just come after ending their shift waiting table at boat basin

having said that the event itself was quite good and timely and has been widely covered in the international media as well -- a point that the organizers did remind the audience of -- also saw a couple of foreign photographers and it seemed that they had managed to (or were allowed) to hog the best shots to shoot -- and yes, the music was absolutely brilliant (thanks to tapu javeri) -- the coverage in the foreign press however could do with a little balance because the reporters/correspondents seem to be constantly juxtaposing it with the fight against the taliban in waziristan and in most cases this juxtaposition seems overly skewed in the direction of the taliban issue --

and oh yes, on our way towards the lobby saw two US marines getting into the lift -- and this is the marriott in karachi!

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