Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting writers to write for your pages

there are some writers who began writing for the news when i was editor of its editorial pages -- i asked them to write for the new venture and a few like fasi zaka and aakar patel and george fulton graciously accepted and said that they would be happy -- i thank them -- aakar (who is a former editor of the leading indian afternoon paper midday and also one of india's largest gujarati dailies, and now also writes a column for live mint -- a joint venture with the wall street journal) said that he couldnt refuse his first pakistani newspaper editor -- and i thank him for that -- some others were less receptive and said that they would wait and see how the newspaper fares -- to each his/her own i guess but it does leave you kinda pissed -- if i were in there place i wouldnt give up the opportunity to write elsewhere especially if it came from an editor who bent over backwards to invite me and accommodate me for his earlier newspaper

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  1. I guess it's a simple case of people getting to big for their boots.

    Personal brand equity if you will, I've always noticed how great successful or failure give you the true measure of the person. The facade is lifted

    PS: I will write for you once the paper is launched!