Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a journalist who doesnt write

a journalist who doesnt write is like a doctor who doesnt practise -- it's been five months now since i last wrote in print -- that's a very long time for any journalist -- hence maybe more recent entries on this blog
what's the whackiest/unlikeliest (though true) stories that one got to do as a reporter --
one that comes to mind happened in the mid 1990s when i was a reporter with dawn in karachi -- and got the tip from a social event -- of a british man working for a well known securities firm in karachi who was asked to leave the country after his cover was blown -- he was working for british intelligence -- the story came on the front page and though the high commission in Islamabad would not confirm or deny it when they were contacted prior to its publication, no denial was forthcoming after it was printed -- the company that he worked for is no longer in pakistan but it is a respected name

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  1. you could just as easily say that you are a 'journalist who isn't writing' because you are mulling over your Pulitzer winning story and it just isn't perfect yet :)