Monday, December 20, 2010

Islamabad, waiting in line & Arif Hasan

What is it about standing in line that Pakistanis do not understand? What your friggin turn! That's what being in line means. And why do the ASF staff want us to turn on our laptops -- what are they trying to check in any case? As for the waiting in line, this happened at the last checking point, once carry on luggage is checked right before the gates area -- waited in line and it wasnt moving and airport staff were bringing morons from the side -- and no one saying anything -- usually its me and when other people start looking at you as if you have done something wrong (AS IF!) -- but thank god another person had the good sense to admonish the ASF tag-checker -- but the latter only smiled and did nothing, which infuriated the admonisher even more -- however the tag-checker could have been smiling because that is all that he could do

once we landed at islamabad airport, shared a car to the hotel with urban planning expert extraordinaire Arif Hasan -- had to introduce myself using my print name -- Omar R Quraishi -- since often thats how many people may (if they do) know of me -- had an interesting conversation with him, especially on urban issues and devolution -- had some good points to talk about, especially how the fracturing of the office of the DC had adversely affected the post-flood relief effort -- also talked about how land-grabbing has thrived because of the lack of magesterial powers which pre-Musharraf devolution used to rest with the local DC

have asked him to write and let's hope he does

Islamabad is a chilled 13 C -- at 7 pm. Why cant Karachi have weather like this as well?

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