Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salmaan Taseer's assassination -- pics of victim and killer immediately after the murder

I have not seen these published anywhere -- they may be graphic, one of them at least but I am putting them up on my blog because people need to know of the monster of extremism and intolerance that is slowly eating away us from inside

the first pic is of the governor -- he is shown from the back -- since he was shot from the back -- the police is trying to pick him up and take him to hospital -- in a police van because they presumably wanted immediate medical treatment --

the other pic shows two elite force policemen holding the killer with their feet on his chest and smgs (sub-machine guns pointing at him) -- this must have happened immediately after the assassination

these pics were sent by a friend who did not want to be named -- they were taken by someone (other than him) who was in Mocca at the time -- that is precisely the restaurant where Mr Taseer had been having lunch - incidentally during my last visit to Islamabad, I had coffee at this place with a friend -- and our car was parked more or less in the same spot as Mr Taseer's -- in fact ours too (my friend's that is) was a Honda Accord


  1. You are incorrect. He was never at Mocca but at Table Talk, his favourite Restaurant. He just happened to stroll by Street 3...

  2. in any case that's not the issue -- i was told that he was at mocca -- in any case table talk is right next door

  3. goood one sir.. wonder who got the pics ... mocca or table talk its the same vicinity.. that doesnt make much of a difference.. i fail to understand was the entire squad drugged.. how come the assassin was never shot while he riddled the governor with bullets... Hammad