Thursday, February 26, 2015

13 things you should know about Jihadi John

1. His name is Mohammed Emwazi

2. He is a British national of Kuwaiti origin and grew up and lived in West London

3. He is thought to have travelled to Syria in 2012 and joined the IS

4. He has a degree in computer programming

5. He was first seen in the IS propaganda video of James Foley who was beheaded in August 2014

6. He has appeared in a series of IS videos of Western hostages, all of whom were executed, some of whom Emwazi himself killed.

7. His friends say he radicalized after a planned safari to Tanzania along with 2 other friends (including a German convert) went sour

8. A former IS captive has said that Emwazi is obsessed with Somalia and the rise of Al Shabab there

9. He told friends that Britain's domestic spy service Mi5 tried to recruit him

10, In 2010, UK counterterrorism officials detained him after a trip to Kuwait and searched his belongings,

11. Following this search, Emwazi was stopped from flying back to Kuwait where he was to get married

12. A former captive said Emwazi took part in the waterboarding of 4 Western hostages

13. He did not attend a madrassa but a private university in the UK where he grew up - the University of Westminster in London

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